Custom Dynas


Check out our custom built FXDB Street Bob that checks all the boxes! This bad to the bone Dyna Street Bob is ready for the zombie apocalypse! Stop by our shop today and check it out!


If you’re a nerd for the greatest galaxy saga ever, this is the ride you have been waiting for! We took a stock 2016 Harley-Davidson® Street Bob and added some El Cajon Harley-Davidson® Custom love. Ready to hit the boulevard on one bad@ss Dyna? This StormDoer build is whited out with the Imperial Crest adorned all over to let everyone know you’re loyal to the Dark Side. March down to El Cajon Harley-Davidson® for a personal presentation today! AVAILABLE TO BE YOURS NOW!

2016 Harley-Davidson® FXRT STREET BOB

Give into the Dark Side – let it flow through you! One awesome ride deserves another! This 2016 Street Bob has been in the works for a bit. Check out that FULLY CUSTOM FXRT Fairing and Lowers! This Darth Bob is sporting West Coast 12″ Tbars, Progressive 2″ over front tubes, Progressive 444s in the rear and is the envy of stock Street Bobs everywhere.

2016 Harley-Davidson® CUSTOM DYNA® STREET BOB® FXDXT

Ready to hit the boulevard on one bad@ss Dyna? We added some old school flair on a new ride and brought to life the modern-day FXDXT Dyna Super Glide T-Sport on a Street Bob! This El Cajon Harley-Davidson® Custom is sporting a Conely’s Retro T-Sport Fairing, 12″ T-Bars, Works Performance Shocks and Conely’s Retro Saddle Bags! Stop in for a personal presentation today!

2016 Harley-Davidson® CUSTOM DYNA® STREET BOB®

Wanna Go FASSTT??? We took a stock 2016 Harley-Davidson® Street Bob and added some El Cajon Harley-Davidson® Custom for a one of a kind Super Street Bob! At the heart of this bad boy is the Screamin’ Eagle Stage 4 110 kit with all the goodies: heads, cams, pistons, Works shocks and custom paint! Don’t just ride in San Diego County – Make a Statement with El Cajon Harley-Davidson®

2015 Harley-Davidson® CUSTOM DYNA® STREET BOB®

We took a 2015 Harley-Davidson® Street Bob and turned it out! Check out this El Cajon Harley-Davidson® Custom package complete with custom paint and awesome upgrades. Features include – Powder Coated Wheels – Custom Red and Black Scallop paint – West Coast T-Bars – H-D® fairing – Progressive suspension and some nice bright LED upgrades. THIS BIKE HAS SOLD but we can build yours!

2015 Harley-Davidson® DYNA STREET BOB

Don’t just ride in San Diego County – Make a Statement!
This project Dyna build took a turn for towards the hot and heavy and was SOLD BEFORE it even got off the lift! This impressive 2015 Harley-Davidson® Dyna Street Bob is dressed to impress in Morocco Gold with a host of added love bolted on. This is the definition of power meets style and it’s now ready to drop jaws and scare babies. Check out this impressive ride and let us know when you’re ready for this much fun!

2015 Harley-Davidson® DYNA FAT BOB

Take your Fat Bob to the NEXT Level
New for 2015 is the Mysterious Red Harley-Davidson® Dyna Fat Bob. This bike from the factory has an aggressive stance but we decided to take it a little further. Color matching fairing, West Coast T-Bars and Harley-Davidson® Daymaker headlight really make this one ride that all will be talking about.

2014 Harley-Davidson® DYNA LOW RIDER CUSTOM

Introducing the new look to rule the road. We took the best of both worlds and put it into one sleek and mean package. Everyone loves the long, low stance of the Low Rider but love the “Club Bike” look that has become so popular since Son’s of Anarchey and Devils Ride. If you really want to stand out, this is the bike that makes a statement! Check out the pictures and video of this build and be sure to check back as we continue to build more custom Dynas!

2014 Harley-Davidson® FAT BOB CUSTOM®

Have you ever wanted one bike but really wanted the features of the other? We just made this dream a reality. Feast your eyes on our 2014 Fat Bob “Club Bike” conversion! Harley-Davidson® gives you what you to want, we can build what you need!

2014 Harley-Davidson® STREET BOB CUSTOM®

Take your Street Bob to the next level!
Sometimes it’s all about the look. The split second, neck snapping “What was that!” moment. That moment when you just have to stop and stare. Not only was this bike built to look fierce but it’s got a host of upgrades that will make this ride the envy of your crew.

2014 Harley-Davidson® STREET BOB CUSTOM®

We all know your Harley-Davidson® is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. Break away from the ordinary and hop on your El Cajon Harley-Davidson® Custom Street Bob and tear up the Boulevard. We build it, you make it your own!

2014 Harley-Davidson® STREET BOB CUSTOM®

Looking to make your next ride epic? Let us create a custom Street Bob made especially with you in mind. We can go from mild to as WILD as you can think up! Check out the goodies on this custom ride and let us create your next dream machine!