Harley-Davidson® 110CI Bolt on Upgrade Kits – What’s Stage Upgrades?

July 31st, 2018 by

Earlier today I overheard our parts professionals talking about a New Screamin’ Eagle Stage 5 Kit. Naturally, I hear Screamin’ Eagle my ears perk. I hear Stage 5, you now have my attention! If any of you have been here on a Saturday afternoon you have probably seen or heard our friend Tom roll up on his hopped-up Stage 4 Street Glide. That ride sure can make an appearance (see attached video) you can’t help but want to pull the trigger on that boomstick. The stage 4 kit is claimed to produce 103 hp and around 110 ft-lbs of torque with new ported heads, throttle body, 259 cams and SE clutch kit on the CA Street Legal version. Yeah, I’m thinking to sign me up!

For those of you new to this or just starting to look at performance upgrades your like probably thinking “What the heck are these ‘Stages’? “. Here is a quick breakdown of “Stages” of performance upgrades:

Stage 1 – Exhaust and Air Cleaner – Let it breathe! Stage 2 – Usually consists of added cams to increase intake and exhaust flow. Stage 3 – Start getting into high-compression pistons. Stage 4 – Daddy wants to GO FAST. We are now adding ported cylinder heads, bigger throttle bodies, bigger cams, BIGGER EVERYTHING Stage 5 – Wait, there’s a Stage 5? Better have a good pair of shorts on for this one!

So we start talking about the new Harley-Davidson® Bolt-On 110 Cylinder kits and the Stage 5 “Tire Shredder” kit. With a name like that they are practically asking you to throw your wallet or Harley-Davidson® credit card at them in the name of Horsepower. And as the old saying goes, “There is no replacement for displacement!”. So I start looking into it further. These are awesome and are also bolt on! That means no full tear down, no boring of the cylinders. These 4.0″ cylinders are machined to drop right in without taking the motor out of the frame, can you say 1800cc of H-D® freedom?! They are claiming to get anywhere from 105hp with just the 110Ci cylinders and stage 1 upgrade, Stage 3 (CA Street Legal) up to 116 ft-lbs of torque with stock heads and all the way up to a whopping 115 Hp on the Tire Shredder kit (CA Street Legal) that includes heads, cams, pushrods and SE Clutch. The cool thing is, if you have upgraded already, just drop the cylinders in and boost your investment to another level! Even better yet these kits WILL NOT void your factory warranty and even have a 1-year warranty on them to boot!

So to recap, a stock 2016 Harley-Davidson® bagger is putting out roughly 76 hp and 95.6 ft-lbs of torque. A Stage 4 on the stock 103 platform will gain you 103 hp with 110ft-lbs of torque and the Bolt on 110Ci cylinders with stage 1 gets you 105 hp pretty respectable for a stock freedom machine with new jugs and stock heads. But put a little love in your new 110 Big Twin and you can get pumped up to 115 hp with the Stage 5 “Tire Shredder” kit.

The California Street Legal kits are available now at El Cajon Harley-Davidson® and if want to be one of the cool kids on the boulevard right away, we are offering service install specials! They will fit your 2007 on up bagger (non-liquid cooled Twins) so contact one of our Part Professionals and let’s talk horsepower!

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