Where to Ride your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in California

February 11th, 2019 by

Once you have all your gear and the right ride, you’re going to want to hit the road with your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. That’s why we here at El Cajon Harley-Davidson have provided some of our favorite motorcycle routes to help you make the most of your new investment. You can also stop by our California dealership to chat with our staff about some of their favorite routes.

Highway 94
Running just south of Lakeside, Highway 94 offers a route along some of the state’s oldest travel-ways. You’ll get a view of some of the iconic dry creek beds and the beautiful California desert. You probably won’t run into many populated towns along the route, but this is the perfect riding area for people who just want open road with no interruptions. One of our favorite areas is Barrett Junction and its high ridges and beautiful landscape, plus its cafe which has long been a favorite among motorcyclists. Gas up and hit this quiet, peaceful road. If you have the time, consider taking a detour to Tecate, home of the famous Mexican beer.

Sunrise Highway
The Sunrise Highway is going to take you a little more out of the way, but it’ll be worth it. About an hour and a half east of San Diego, this route offers miles of uninterrupted vistas. Take a leisurely ride through this beautiful countryside and stop in some of the inviting towns you’ll encounter on the way. This includes the Julian Historic District, known for its delectable pies and crisp apples. It’s a great way to simply enjoy feeling the wind on your face and relax on the back of your motorcycle.

Before you can check out these fantastic routes, you’re going to need the right motorcycle. Stop by El Cajon Harley-Davidson and we’ll show you all the models we have available for sale today!

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